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Zytronic 2018: A Year in Review

Zytronic is a leading global manufacturer of touch-based products for public access and industrial applications.

Over 15 years we have developed our patented PCT™ and MPCT™ sensing technologies into a family of product offerings. Operating through a network of channel partners across the globe, our integrated technologies are being used at leisure, on the street and in the workplace.
Unlike the majority of other touch technologies, the active component of Zytronic’s technology is embedded behind the glass front for protection, providing a true safety laminated, pure-glass fronted construction.

We continue to see the benefits of directly participating in relevant market tradeshows, primarily as regional networking opportunities with customers, suppliers and sales channel parteners.

2018 Highlights

Market Update


Touch revenue from invoiced sales to the APAC region was £8.2m which represented 46% of total touch export revenue (2017: £7.2m; 35%). The largest revenue generator was from sales into the Gaming market for ultra-large format MPCT™ products.


Touch revenue from invoiced sales to the EMEA region was £5.8m which represented 32% of total touch export revenue (2017: £7.0m; 34%).


Touch revenue from invoiced sales to the Americas was £4.0m which represented 22% of total touch export revenue (2017: £3.8m; 19%).


Touch revenue from invoiced sales to UK customers was £2.1m which represented 10% of total touch revenue (2017: £2.6m; 12%).

Our Competitive Advantages – Adding Value To Our Capabilities

Our competitive advantages


We are pioneers in the field of projected capacitive touch technology – now the most
widely used touchscreen technology in the world. We constantly strive to be ahead of trends and to further the advancement of new products and processes, including our patented, customisable, multi-touch technology.

Experienced team

Over the last seven years, we have built up a diverse team of mechanical, electronic, software and firmware engineering experts, to continually develop the processes, materials and functionality across the full gamut of all products that Zytronic designs and manufactures.
This ensures that the developed and, where appropriate, patented IP in our touch technologies and products remains at the forefront of the industry and allows us to take an important position within the touch ecosystem.

Our products

We know glass. Our in-house facilities include automated cutting, edge grinding, polishing and drilling machines, complemented by bending and thermal tempering ovens and screen-printing equipment. Our dedicated and talented manufacturing team has decades of
experience in glass processing and lamination.


We have an ever-expanding network of specialists, international representatives and resellers, all of which are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and offering
local and practical support when necessary.

It is our aim to deliver value to our shareholders

Our Strategy


We identify development projects that will enhance our technology and increase its ease
of use and functionality for customers and end-users, and we listen to existing and potential customers and our markets for future requirements.

What we did in 2017/2018
• The ASIC was launched during fiscal year 2018 and a new family of controllers was released to incorporate this.
• We have initiated new sensor development to consider introducing a complementary touch sensor offering.
• We introduced a new fibre laser bonding system to assist in the industry leading narrow border configurations.
• We have three further patents granted in the USA and China, associated with the MPCT™ 2012 filed patents.

Our priorities for 2018/2019
• We will continue to work within the H2020 Hi-Response consortium project.
• We will review and scope the production or supply of ITO glass sensors.
• We will review the Medical market to determine the scope of R&D investment required to improve our product offerings in this market.


We continue to seek opportunities to expand our sales channels and direct presence across the world and aim to establish representation in additional countries, for example Indonesia
and in the Middle East.

What we did in 2017/2018
• We grew our revenues in the Gaming market and have further exciting opportunities in the pipeline.
• We increased our direct sales presence in the APAC region through the recruitment of a sales support engineer in Japan.

Our priorities for 2018/2019
• We will continue to develop our presence in the USA through further recruitment into Zytronic Inc.
• We will continue to identify new channel partner representation in countries where we have less coverage.


We review our manufacturing methods regularly to bring through efficiencies in production. We add new plant and equipment each year, as necessary, to add capacity and replace old equipment. We invest in our marketing activities to promote our business on a global level. We invest in our employees to ensure we have the necessary calibre of people in the organisation.

What we did in 2017/2018
• We invested in further exhibition equipment to showcase our latest product offerings at the tradeshows at which we exhibited over the year.
• We appointed a Japan-based SEO specialist to better manage our microsite, and a local PR agency as we moved our Asian focus from China to Japan.
• We completed a review of our digital and social media requirements in the UK with the aim of improving our SEO success.
• We have initiated trial pay-per-click campaigns via Google and LinkedIn.

Our priorities for 2018/2019
• We will introduce further apprentices to add value into the business.
• We will continue to review our ERP system to ensure it continues to meet our requirements.
• We will invest in new glass processing equipment to enhance product offerings and better utilise our factory space.

People are at the heart of our business

Core Values

We have three core values which serve as the guidelines for our conduct as an organisation and for the behaviour of our employees.


Building relationships of mutual respect with colleagues, customers, suppliers, advisers and investors, ensuring that we conduct ourselves at all times in an open, honest and ethical manner.


Providing customer satisfaction through the continual improvement of our products and processes and the capabilities of our employees, through innovation, development and training.


Achieving profitable growth and increasing shareholder value through the balance of short term demands and long term strategies.

We are in a strong financial position and cash generative which provides a strong platform on which to develop our business, and the focus will be to improve margins from production efficiencies and to secure new projects from the launch of the new electronic ASIC controllers.

Zytronic Company News

Zytronic Continues North American Expansion With Key Appointment

Zytronic, announced the appointment of its new Director of North American Sales, and the addition of two reps to bolster the company’s presence in North America. Additionally, the company recently announced a worldwide distribution agreement with Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronics with a major presence in the U.S.

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Zytronic Powers New Exhibit At The National Air And Space Museum

Zytronic, has supplied an 84” diagonal touch sensor to the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution (NASM) for inclusion in a recently unveiled exhibit. The museum – which displays the world’s largest collection of aircraft and spacecraft – welcomes 6.7M visitors annually, making it the fifth-most-visited museum in the world.

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Zytronic Announces Japanese Expansion

Zytronic announced a significant expansion in Japan, increasing its team to support customers, as well as appointing two new sales channel partners in the country.

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Zytronic Leads In Achieving Transition To ISO9001:2015 And ISO14001:2015 Compliance

Zytronic announced that it has completed the transition and accreditation of its company quality and environmental management systems to the latest ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 standards, more than 18 months ahead of the deadline for compliance.

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